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Day Spa Sunshine Coast

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Visit Our Day Spa in Sunshine Coast for High Quality Treatments

Our day spa’s services aim at improving health and wellbeing and encourage relaxation through beauty treatments based on your requirements. The range of treatments that we offer at Day Spa Noosa, has secured us a favourable reputation as a day spa in Sunshine Coast for locals and tourists alike.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Health Retreat in Sunshine Coast

To enjoy the full extent of what a spa has to offer, we propose you do a few pre-checks before venue where you will feel comfortable.

  • Choosing a spa. You’ll need to consider factors such as location, price, and friendliness of the staff when choosing your retreat. A situation that offers multiple services should also be a deciding factor as you can get various treatments done in the convenience of one setting. Situated in an easily accessible location, we are competitive on price, and our friendly and qualified staff offer many different treatments to pamper you for the day.

  • Ask questions. Ask for a tour of the spa before booking your appointment. Here you can see their amenities and gather information on their treatments to decide which one would benefit you the most. 

  • Before the treatment: We advise you not to eat at least one hour before your massage as a full stomach paired with the pressure of the massage could get uncomfortable. Drink plenty of water after your massage to reduce stiffness the next day. A massage increases your circulation and hydrates your bodily tissues; drinking water assists in keeping hydration constant for longer after your treatment.

  • Be open to the experience. Allow your muscles to relax and take slow, deep breaths before your massage. No one is judging your body, so relax in the moment and allow your body to rejuvenate. Communicating with your therapist on room temperature and level of pressure you prefer can enhance your experience and will enable you to enjoy it entirely.


A History of the Health Spa in Sunshine Coast

Beginning with hot springs, day spas have evolved over the years to accommodate for the growing need of a relaxing retreat. The adaptation of modern-day treatments aims at clients achieving peak wellness amidst their daily lives.

  • The word ‘Spa’ is derived from the Latin phrase, ‘Salus Per Aquam’, that means ‘health from water.’ There is a village in Belgium called Spa, where Roman soldiers used to treat sore muscles and battle wounds; this is where it is thought that the modern-day spa originated.

  • The healing properties of spas and hydrotherapy date back thousands of years to when it was believed that mineral waters held curative powers. The process of using bathing to treat ailments, known as balneotherapy, is considered the founding principle of today’s spa therapy practises.

  • Elizabeth Arden founded the first-ever health day spa in America in 1910, called The Red Door Salon. During this time, people considered spas a treat primarily for wealthy women who would go for special occasions such as birthday parties and kitchen teas. As spas evolved, more men started frequenting these establishments.

  • The development of spas into holistic wellness centres has seen a surge of popularity, with both men and women enjoying the range of benefits. Our Sunshine Coast day spa welcomes locals and tourists alike and offers many different treatments for each unique requirement. 

About Day Spa Noosa

Established in 2017, our family has been focussing our energies on natural and organic products that bring positive benefits to our clients. Our treatment menu provides an inclusive approach to relaxation and wellness procedures, and our unique location overlooks the Noosa River. We offer a pick-up and drop-off service so that you don’t have to drive and enhances your experience, ensuring rejuvenation from the very beginning. If you are in need of a Sunshine Coast health retreat that offers high quality services to suit your budget, do contact us today.

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