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Pedicures and Manicures In Noosa

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Look After Your Feet by Reserving a Soothing and Relaxing Pedicure on the Sunshine Coast with Us

Arrange to have your pedicure in Noosa at our day spa, whether you’re on holiday or live in the area. Make an appointment to take care of your feet, walk comfortably, and improve your posture.

Benefits of a Manicure in the Sunshine Coast

You may think that manicures should be reserved for special occasions – we’d like to prove you wrong. You can enjoy several benefits of having a regular manicure or pedicure in the Sunshine Coast.


Doing a manicure and pedicure is one of the pre-eminent ways to keep your nails, hands, and feet healthy, beautiful, and well-groomed to make a good impression at work and play.


Both cosmetic treatments help to relax your muscles, boost blood circulation, improve joint mobility, and lessen swelling or pain. Poor circulation can cause cold, numb feet and hands.


Hangnails are caused by dryness, nail-biting, injury, or cutting your cuticles. A regular manicure will forestall them by putting moisture back into your skin. We treat dry skin with natural, organic skin products.


Decrease the possibility of developing a fungus infection via the removal of dead skin cells to reinforce new cell growth for soft, smooth skin and strong, healthy, attractive nails.


It’s important to set aside me-time to take care of your physical and mental well-being, get away from your busy routine, and de-stress with a manicure in Noosa.


Our Firming Collagen Hand Mask contains aromatic mandarin peel extract, green tea, and collagen that permeates the skin to nourish and repair the signs of aging. We also provide a Nail Makeover to tidy up and enliven your hands with the varnish you select.

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Related Services We Provide to a Pedicures & Manicures

We do a first-rate regular pedicure by removing the dead and softening the hard skin by soaking your feet in a warm, soothing foot bath. We then give them a good exfoliating scrub to alleviate foot issues such as cracked soles, calluses, and corns.


Then we cut off and treat the cuticles, clip, and shape your nails, and massage cream or oil into your skin for intense moisturization. Finally, we apply the long-lasting nail varnish or shellac of your choice. That’s not all we can do for your tootsies, however.


You will feel as if you’re walking on a cloud after our Light Feet Treatment. This deeply relaxing massage features our refreshing tension relief gel and nourishing foot cream, and the Hot Stone Pedicure Therapy dissolves built-up tensions with pampering warmth.


The Nail Makeover entails tidying up and polishing your nails with your chosen products to revitalise your feet and make them look and feel fabulous.


Our Express Pedicure takes 45 minutes, and you need to allow 60 minutes for the Spa Pedicure. We also offer shellac soak-offs and upgrades and a quick 15-minute Feet File and Paint cosmetic treatment.

Why You Should Use Day Spa Noosa

We focus on natural, sustainable practices and provide affordable, top-quality cosmetic treatments. Our service includes picking you up from your holiday accommodation or home and dropping you off after you’ve been pampered. Contact us to find out about our group bookings, massages, facials, body rituals, and to stock up on our skincare products.

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