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Body scrub at Day Spa Noosa in Sunshine Coast

Skin Treatment Sunshine Coast

Coffee body scrub treatment at Day Spa Noosa in Sunshine Coast

Luxurious and Natural Skin Treatment in Sunshine Coast

The natural products we use for skin treatment in Sunshine Coast are gentle on your skin, help avoid irritation, and bring back your natural healthy glow. At Day Spa Noosa, we predominantly use organic ingredients that are better for our environment, not tested on animals, and safer to use on humans due to their natural compound.

Related Services We Provide to a Body Scrub in Sunshine Coast

To provide you with an all-inclusive spa day, we offer products and services to complement each other and give you a memorable experience.

  • Our ‘Couples Escapes’ packages are a great excuse to spend quality time with your significant other. Dinner dates can get boring and repetitive - why not spice things up with our Pure Relaxation massage for two – champagne included? This little breakaway can encourage intimacy while lowering stress and anxiety levels, and it’s a great bonding experience.

  • Your eyebrows play a vital role in communication while framing your facial features. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with perfect brows, but our brow shaping and tinting can accentuate your features and leave you with symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing arches. Our lash lifts, tints, and extensions can add volume to your natural lashes, leaving you with fluttery lashes that don’t require mascara.

  • Our waxing service offers an economical hair removal technique that keeps unwanted body hair away for longer. Benefits of waxing include silky smooth skin without the shaving cuts, stubble-free legs and slower hair re-growth. The relatively painless procedure is a sure way to get your summer body ready. The final touch to a summer body would be a quick and easy Bondi Sands spray tan.

Saya coconut body polish product at Day Spa Noosa
Body scrub treatment in day spa at Sunshine Coast

Benefits of a Body Scrub in Sunshine Coast

Our skin faces daily irritants that can work against our natural radiance. An exfoliating body scrub is a regime used to restore our glow to suit the summery Sunshine Coast weather.

  • A body scrub goes beyond surface level to remove dead skin cells and restore your healthy skin from the inside. As you exfoliate your skin, the softer skin below is revealed, and the dirt removed to prevent clogged pores. Failure to exfoliate could result in increased ageing, and dull, rough skin.

  • After getting your scrub, your body will be able to absorb moisturiser more effectively, promoting healthy skin hydration. A scrub can also bring relief to razor bumps on your skin and prevent in-grown hairs from forming under the dermis. Exfoliating can reduce the frequency of body acne by keeping pores unblocked.

  • A body scrub can act as a booster to maximise the effects of certain products you apply to your skin. A spray tan is most effective after an exfoliating skin treatment as the fresh skin revealed by the body scrub is primed to absorb the solution deeply and evenly. Your tan will last longer after spoiling yourself with a skin treatment available on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Our calming spa experience helps you relax and will reduce stress levels while enjoying your skin treatment. Our spa ambiance helps your mind and body recover from everyday life, and our treatments will help get you in the summer mood.

Why Trust Day Spa Noosa Regarding Our Services

With our cost-effective pricing for high quality organic products and services, we have secured ourselves as a favourable day spa in the Sunshine Coast area. We are locally owned and offer personalised service to enhance your experience. 

If you would like to make a booking, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Relaxing Day Spa Noosa room with candles
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