Lash & Brow Services

Brow Services

Brow shape $2o
Brow tint $25
Brow & Lash tint $40
Brow shape, tint & Lash tint $55
Brow Dye $35
The newest innovation in brow care, lasting on the skin up to 7 days & 7-8 weeks on the hair.
Brow Dye & Wax $55
Brow shape, Dye & Lash dye $70

Brow Lamination (Includes shape & Dye) $95
Brow Lamination smooths and straightens the brow hairs, placing them into a more upright position which creates a fuller, lifted & more youthful looking brow. The lamination effect can last 6-8 weeks, including a brow Dye & shape.

Lash Services

Lash tint $25
Lash Dye $35

Lash Lift $80
with tint $95
A Lash Lift is a modernized & safe version of the old school lash perm. The procedure involves lifting the natural lashes over a silicone rod & treating the lashes with specialized solutions to enhance the natural curl & lift. Results can last between 8-10 weeks, pair with a lash tint or dye for best results.