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Elevating Body Treatments

Your massage should be as unique as you are!
All of our massage treatments are customised to meet your needs & areas of tension.

Relaxation Massage

Our most popular choice! Designed to promote a state of complete relaxation.

60 min $125 | 90 min $175

Aromatherapy Massage

A flowing massage utilizing tailored essential oils to promote therapeutic benefits specific to your needs.

60 min $140 | 90 min $195

Pregnancy Massage

A side-lying customised massage to relieve discomfort & tension. Using long flowing movements to bring every Mumma-to-be into a state of complete serenity.

60 min $150 | 90 min $195

Stress Release Hot Stone Massage

Incorporating the heat from the stones with expert hand movements to promote deeper muscle relaxation, melting away tension & muscle stiffness.

60 min $155 | 90 min $200

De-aging Tropical Saltmousse

This fluffy lather is enriched with tropical fruit extracts to repair & visibly brighten the skin. Includes a hydrating body oil application.

50 min $155

Organic Coffee Scrub

Handmade in spa. Gently remove tired, dull skin & increase cell renewal. Includes a hydrating body oil application.

50 min $140

Tropical Escape Ritual

A full body sensory experience counteracting premature ageing & sun damage. Incorporating a full body polish infused with brightening fruit extracts & a luscious crème fraiche body wrap with a tension melting facial & scalp.massage.

90 min $280

Recharge Massage

Focusing on the built up tension in the back, neck & shoulders.

30 min $90 | with Aromatherapy oil $97

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